Türkiye & Singapore Technology Cooperation Program

As innovation continues to fuel the next bound of global economic growth, Singapore and Türkiye’s vibrant tech and innovation ecosystems are primed for companies and talents with bright ideas. In collaboration with Sistem Global Consulting and Enterprise Singapore, we acknowledge these advancements and aim to bring together the technology and innovation ecosystems to share collaboration opportunities in Türkiye and Singapore.

About The Program

The primary focus of this program is to empower tech companies by facilitating collaboration and partnerships with international counterparts, ultimately driving capability building, productivity enhancement, and international growth.

What are the program benefits?

✔️ Technology-oriented companies in both countries will be able to do international business.
✔️ The joint business development and innovation processes of companies will be supported.

How does this program work?

This is a matching program that enables technology firms in Türkiye and Singapore to be matched based on their specific needs in areas such as joint R&D development, joint sales, and collaboration.

You can join us by completing the application form to explore tech and innovation partnerships. Further details for the program will be announced on September 4th, 2023.

Application Form

Türkiye & Singapore Technology Cooperation Program

Who can join the program?

If you are a technology company, particularly specializing in deeptech, regtech, fintech, gaming, edtech, AI, data analysis, and smart city solutions, you can apply to the matching program.

Deadline for applications